Based out of Northern Europe, Norway, ST. NIKLAS has acknowledged the importance of music in people’s everyday life. «Music is a language that everyone speaks and it’s in our veins. It has its own unique way of triggering emotions, and it’s for me the compass in life I always can rely on, to know that I’m on the right path».

With a raw expression and a graveled yet fragile voice, he is an artist that presents strangely familiar, yet refreshingly innovative lyrics that are honest and strong.
His sound breaths and moves from indie pop to indie rock. The theme of the songs reflect the melancholy that lives within and the yearning for a big sky and an open road.

His songs have gained much airtime on Norwegian broadcasting stations such as Norway’s biggest radio station NRK p1 which has over 2 million listeners daily. The single «Wasteland» and «Fire With Fire» ended as a semifinalists in the «International Songwriting Competition 2013 & 2014» in the United States, where names like Adele, Rihanna, David Massey and BBKing have been among the judges.